The Greater Terre Haute NAACP Branch recognizes that many children in our community do not have equal opportunities to succeed due to abuse or neglect.  If unattended, their behavior may negatively impact the community in various ways.

A discussion about the challenges faced by children and families in the community as well as the benefits offered by the Foster Care Program will be led by representatives of the Indiana Department of Child Services at the NAACP meeting on Monday, November 20, 2017.  The public is urged to attend this presentation  at the Vigo County Public Library at 6:30 p.m.  

One of the NAACP goals is “Economic Sustainability: A chance to live the American Dream for all.  Every person will have equal opportunity to achieve economic success, sustainability, and financial security.” 

 “We believe our children deserve this chance and see a role for the foster care program to support that opportunity,” commented A. Theressa Bynum, NAACP Communications chair.   “Helping these children now improves their chances of becoming more productive adult citizens in the future,” Bynum added.

Heidi Decker, Local Office Director Vigo County and Susan Lesko, Regional Manager will be the featured presenters.  They know first-hand the importance of the Foster Care Program.  Decker said “the need in this community, this state, is great for loving, nurturing homes that can care for Indiana’s abused and neglected children.”

The informational program will focus on why the Foster Care Program exists; the growing need for foster parents; how children and foster parents are matched; and the goals of DCS for children, such as permanency.

Decker commented, “Foster parenting is about believing and investing in the future by helping children and families who are experiencing difficult circumstances.  Children are in need of safe homes; it takes one family to help one child, to make a difference.”  

It’s time to understand what we can and must do to benefit our families.  Join the discussion at the NAACP meeting.