Legal Redress Committee

The Legal Redress Committee is responsible for investigating all reported incidents submitted to the Branch. The Legal Redress Committee assists greater Terre Haute residents and employees in obtaining relief for acts of discrimination. The committee is comprised of devoted volunteers who carefully evaluate each complaint for evidence of racial, employment, education and housing discrimination.

The Legal Redress Committee does not offer legal advice or legal representation. Instead, the committee serves as a liaison between individuals needing help and organizations offering quality legal services in the community. If you need immediate legal assistance, please contact a local attorney.

Filing a Legal Redress Complaint

If you or someone you know have been the target of discrimination or other civil rights violation and you wish to request assistance from the Legal Redress Committee, please fill out the Legal Redress Complaint Form and submit it to the branch by postal mail or e-mail.

Details of redress complaints are considered confidential until permission to divulge them is given by the complainant.

Filing an Anonymous Complaint

We are aware that it is not easy to come forward and file a complaint, sometimes, due to concerns over one’s safety, and fear over reprisals and retributions.

For this reason, we provide an Anonymous Complaint Form. If you wish to file an anonymous complaint, please be aware that we cannot and will not be able to act on your behalf. Anonymous complaints will be recorded, stored, and tabulated in order to inform us more deeply on the nature and frequency of incidents in the greater Terre Haute Area and to engage in informed discussions with local officials and citizens about the nature of discrimination and civil rights in the area.

If your issue is of continued concern, please consider filing a Legal Redress Complaint instead.